Bigfoot Wallace

This is a new song “I Am And I’m Not” filmed live. Enjoy it, share it, and embrace it. 

Deni Hlavinka - Keys, Vox
Alec Alabado - Drum Pad, Vox

Also thanks be to all the people that worked so hard to make this awesome.



Boston show with great friends
march 5 _ The Middle East _ 8pm
c’mon out!


I present to you my very first merch item 

Hand sewn by a beautiful gal.

Come to Crescent Ballroom this thursday (january 9th) and get them while theyre hot.

too stoked,

Harn charts

FREE DOWNLOAD of the title track of my last album because why not? Love you guys, -bfw

Fresh Update

Hey all. I dont like to update this without any substantial music release news (i.e “woah new live dvd release today go buy it”) but I also dont like NOT updating this over a period of 4 months. So … here we are. 


1. Im producing one of my good friends music. Her name is Bailey Harrisberger. We are a little under halfway done with the record, and I must say it has been way too fun. Her songs are great so keep her on your radar for release news shows and such. 

2. The Western Den is at it again with new songs! I am WAY honored to be their producer guy-o. We started recording just last week and its gonna be good. Watch for their new single very soon.

3. A new EP is happening. Yes a Bigfoot Wallace EP. Ill give some more updates as it nears its completion. Im very excited to start promoting it and playing it at goofy shows around the world. 

SO….Thats what has been happening around these parts. I have been busy with those things as well as finishing up my college experience, and I dont plan on slowing down till all these fun things are accounted for. 

Thanks for tuning in. Love you. Miss you.


Photo cred: Chris Metzger 

Did a quick cover of Beth/rest by the late great Bon Iver. My good friend Kyle Cesmat did the shooting and its supreme. His work ranges from commercials to web design to photography to coffee enthusiast. Check him out here 

Thanks yall -Bf


Another show announced! 

June 28 _ 7pm
8th day coffee 
828 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 

Please spread the word! This show will be put on by “The Rag Collection”. They are a group of people that support the Phoenix community through art and love. So stoked to be apart of it!


It would be wise to keep this site updated a bit more. My apologies. #not

Scottsdale AZ show announced

Friday, May 24th
Cartel Coffee Lab | 5th Ave
7:30pm. free. Opening for brotherrun

Ill hopefully be playing more shows this summer. Keep your eyes open.


SONGS FOR THE LARVA hits the stores.

Its out! click above ^^^

Go buy a copy and/or stream it on spotify or rdio 

This album took a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. Thats why its so important to me that it gets out there so please go share this with your friends and family and fellow social media sites.

Thanks for everyones shares and cares. Love you guys!